Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Clash of the Florals

Spring is here, which means it's time to whip out the florals! Sometimes florals, especially in large print, can come off a little grandma-ish; but the two contrasting fabrics next to each other make this one youthful, interesting, and one of my favorites. The dress is very light and airy, and was perfect for the 80+ degree weather. I completed the look with my new Coach sunnies and some Urban Outfitters sandals I got some years back. Lately, I've been combining my MAC Ruby Woo lipstick and Covergirl BlastFlipStick in Flashy, resulting in this cool magenta lip color. Expect to see more of this--I'm in love! I wore my hair loose, which has been pretty usual as of late. I need to start wearing more protective styles! Anyway, pictures and outfit details below.

Outfit details:
Floral dress: ASOS (sold out; similar here and here) // Sandals: UO (long gone; similar here and here) // Sunnies: Coach

Monday, May 12, 2014

True Life: I Don't Use a Comb or Brush on My Hair

Seriously. I own two wide-toothed combs that I have stopped using completely. Why? Because my hair is immensely curly and raking through it with a brush or comb does more damage than good. I have a mixture of 4a/b hair with lots of little 4a coils that are most prominent when my hair is wet, and a ton of loose-ish 4b S-patterned curls all over. While not everyone's hair falls nicely into these categories, this handy chart illustrates most hair types:

Hair that falls within the 3 or 4 range is more likely to become tangled than hair with a looser curl, or no curl at all. If you have hair that is very curly, detangling is a must, as curly hair can end up curling into other strands, creating knots, tangles, and even matted hair if you're not careful. While some folks use a comb or a Denman brush to detangle, I think those tools are too rough on the hair. I'm a proponent of wet detangling, even though hair is weaker when wet, because I find the hair is easier to work with. If you use a Denman brush or comb to detangle, you will often hear that dreaded *snap* as your hair breaks from being stretched beyond its breaking point, which is especially prone to happen when hair is wet.

Don't do this to yourself.
In my opinion, the most gentle tool you can use to detangle your hair is your own fingers. With your fingers, you can feel if your hair is being stretched or manipulated to the point of breaking, and then stop before your hair actually breaks. I typically finger detangle my hair during the conditioning process; the conditioner adds slip to my hair, making it easy to finger-comb my hair gently, effectively getting rid of knots and tangles. I've noticed healthier hair since I've given up on combs. Even if you're not focused on length retention, finger combing is an easy way to avoid literally ripping and breaking your hair.

How do you detangle?

Monday, May 5, 2014

Acid Wash

80s, 90s, and ots acid wash
Acid wash is the trend that keeps on giving. It seems like each iteration of this trend gets a little more refined and feminine. Notice how the clothing gets more fitted, with less flamboyant decorations or additions to the material. There's been another uptick of acid wash lately, and these styles are the prettiest I've seen yet. This is very much a trend, so don't spend too much of your hard-earned cash on this style. But if you feel like treatin' yo'self, I really like these slightly pricier items:

Left to right: ASOS dress - $75.26; Gap dress - $74.95; Dorothy Perkins jeggings - $39.00

I, on the other hand, opted for a couple low-priced items from Forever21, including these jeggings and an awesome acid wash pencil skirt (modeled below).  The skirt is atypical from the usual jacket or jeans that have been popular for the past few decades now. While I love the skirt, it's a pain in the butt to walk in because it has very little stretch and forces me to take teeny little steps instead of normal strides. :kanyeshrug: You get what you pay for. I paired it with a white blouse, red plaid shirt tied around my waist, and brown flats. I accessorized with gold bamboo earrings, a bandana, and Fendi sunnies. I love the 90s vibe I'm giving off in this outfit.

Outfit details:
White blouse: Forever21+ // Plaid shirt: Forever21+ (sold out; similar here)// Acid wash skirt: Forever21+ (sold out) // Brown flats: JC Penny // Sunnies: Fendi

Do you think you'll be rockin' acid wash any time soon?