How old are you? Where are you from?
I'm 26 and currently reside just outside of Washington, DC.

Why does your blog combine hair and fashion?
I believe both are forms of self-expression that can have a great influence on how you feel and interact with the world.

Where do you shop?
I do most of my shopping online; I love ASOS, Very, Dorothy Perkins, Simply BeForever 21, OseUhseh, Nakimuli, JC Penney, and The Gap.

What size do you wear?
Depending on the brand, anywhere between a 14 and an 18. For sizes that are on the smaller side of my range, I tend to go for stretchy fabrics like viscose, or cotton/poly blends that include elastane.

How would you describe your style?
My style as a mix of retro and urban. I love clothes with patterns, texture, and color. I believe in wearing clothes that make you feel good about yourself! I believe a woman, at any size, should wear clothes she feels confident in!

Can you tell me what clothes are best for my body type?
I believe that the best clothes for your body are the clothes you feel most confident in. Pretend the world is your own personal catwalk and DO YOU! More often than you think, confidence is what makes most outfits work!

What's your hair regimen?
I shampoo once a week, condition every single time, and deep condition twice a month. I mostly do moisture treatments, but when needed, I do a protein treatment.

To maintain my hair in between washes, I spray my hair with a mix of water, conditioner, and glycerin everyday, in the morning and at night. I seal with a homemade mix of butters, or a homemade cream.

What is your hair type?
I'm not sure but I am definitely in the 4-zone. Maybe 4a/b? When wet, my hair has a mix of S-patterned curls and very tight spiral curls. I have a high level of shrinkage, though my hair is relatively easy to stretch out through braiding or twisting.

Do you straighten your hair?
I get my hair professionally straightened about once a year. I do not straighten my own hair.

What makes you the expert?
I'm not. Through this blog, I just hope to share what works for me and hope my advice helps, or at least gives you ideas on how to update your style and care for your own hair in a healthy way.