Monday, February 25, 2013

My Fun Pants

Hi beauties,

My name is Sheri and I have an affinity for "fun pants."  I love wearing things that people say they don't think they can pull off. (Side note: Don't shy away from clothes that you don't think you can "pull off." My philosophy is: if you wear it with confidence, you will look great.) As you have probably picked up from previous posts, I love prints and patterns. These pants are fun and add an interesting element to an otherwise boring outfit.

The 90s called and want their pants back. Too bad, not gonna happen.
These pants are awesome and it takes a lot of willpower on my part to not wear them ALL.THE.TIME. They're so comfortable, they're just a zipper, button, and belt away from pajama pants.

Fun pants: F21+, similar here and here;
Top: ASOS, similar here and here;
Cardigan: F21+, similar here;
Shoes: Betsey Johnson (only available in leopard, size 5.5)
I decided to pair the pants with an oxblood shirt with a henna eye design and black cardigan. I love oxblood because it flatters basically every complexion. I added the black cardigan as a layer to create a more polished look and defined waist.

Do you have any items in your closet that you call your "fun ________ (fill in the blank)"?

Celebs in "fun pants"
Left to right: Jessica Alba, Kristen Stewart (don't judge me), Beyonce
Who wore it best?

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