Sunday, March 24, 2013

Fresh take on the '90s

It's all about the '90s and has been for a few seasons now. At this point, I kind of consider Phoebe from 'Friends' to be my style guru. I kid, I kid. But seriously, stuff I've been seeing lately is giving me a lot of deja vu.

Fur jacket - ASOS Curve: sold out; Fringe jacket - ASOS: found here.
I was just a kid during the '90s, but one of the things that define the decade are the over-sized clothing, bold prints, and bright colors. I love fashion's current nod to the '90s that is reminiscent of the era without being too literal. So, for your viewing pleasure, I've compiled a list of my favorite '90s-inspired looks of this season and seasons past along with helpful do's and don't's. Enjoy!

Chunky Jewelry

Bamboo earrings will always be in style to me...
Necklace from ASOS, found here.
The '90s gave rise to statement jewelry and the tradition has continued on today. Chunky jewelry is an easy addition you can add to a casual outfit that will take you from meh to fab. Now, you've gotta love statement jewelry, but be careful not to over-accessorize. Instead of opting for a chunky necklace and chunky earrings, choose one or the other.

Old school Claire Danes = so cool
Both dresses are from ASOS. Sorry I'm so obsessed, but there clothes are so awesome.
For obvious reasons, going completely 'My So-Called Life' with your outfit might not be a good look. It'd be way too casual for anyone over the age of 17. Today, the key to successfully rocking over-sized looks is adding some glam. Add a long necklace, some bracelets, heels or summer boots, and a bowler hat to your over-sized ensemble. Going too casual will just make you look like you don't care.... kind of like Jordan Catalano and Angela Chase, the King and Queen of Not Giving a Damn.


Ooooooohhh... On the TLC tip!
I'm not even sure if bright colors are necessarily "in," but who cares? I love to stand out from the crowd! TLC tried to jam as many colors as possible into one outfit, which was awesome at the time; but alas, times are changing and dressing like that outside of a '90s party might get you some funny looks.

Sleeveless top: F21+; Blue dress: SimplyBe; Yellow skinnies: F21+
In order to not be a colorful mess, opt for black elements in the rest of your outfit to balance out the brightness. Bright top? Wear black pants. Bright blue dress? Wear black shoes. The models above are actually styled quite nicely. Follow their lead.

Patterns & Prints

Blue printed pants from Joe Fresh; Printed blouse and mixed pattern top are from Duro Olowu;
and Lisa Bonet, blowing my style mind.
Between Anthropologie, and JCP's Joe Fresh and Duro Olowu's collections, I am spoiled for choice when it comes to patterns and prints. These brick-and-mortar shops are serving it up! I know some of you are averse to patterns, but they really do spice up an outfit. With patterns and prints, there are many options, but here are two simple style tips: (1) pair a printed pant with a solid top, plain shoes, simple make-up and simple jewelry, or (2) go crazy, Duro Olowu-style, and do a head-to-toe printed look, but simplify the rest of your outfit so it doesn't look too busy. Just grab your favorite oxfords and a neutral clutch and you're good to go. With so much going on with the prints/patterns in your outfit, everything else should be pattern-less.

I love all of the '90s trends that are creeping back, but my favorite trend du jour is patterns. I guess that's not much of a surprise, huh?

Which revamped '90s trend is your favorite?


  1. Ditto to patterns being a fave!

    You're right about being careful to not over-accessorize with the big jewelry--I've been guilty of that before. I do think patterns or bright colors work together SOMETIMES, but only if paired with a very simple makeup/hair look (a la my style queen, Solange Knowles).

    1. Yeah, I agree. I hate how Duro Olowu's models are styled, but the pieces are so cute.