Sunday, April 28, 2013

Street Fashion

Last week, I went to see Solange at the 930 Club in DC and got some awesome pictures of street fashion and natural hair. Street fashion is basically what everyday people from an urban center wear (in this case, the people of DC). Though I was well-aware, it made me appreciate DC's dope fashion sense and the beauty and versatility of natural hair.

Check out the pics below:

Simple and elegant. I love the side swooped hair and the gold buttons on the blazer.
Now that's how you wear a bright red lip! I also love how they both show how to rock shorter hair. 
This girl was awesome! I loved how she wore this shirt (I don't think I'd know how to rock that) with the high waisted pants. She makes it look effortless!
I saw her posted up looking awesome in that blazer and had to get a pic. Isn't it beautiful?
The return of finger waves? Yes please! The headband adds to the cute 1920s vibe.
Have I mentioned that I love flat forms? I love these all black ones with blue laces, paired with an oversized sweater.  
You know I love a great mix of patterns! Plus her hair is so cute and makes me want to add some color for the Summer!
I loved this polkadot shirt dress and this chick's TWA! She worked both beautifully.

I didn't get to take TOO many pictures; I was there for a concert, silly! I love the fashion choices and the hairstyles of the people I selected. You can tell Spring is finally here because white is back in full force. The patterns and textures of the clothing add to the allure of each outfit and each girl made it her own. (If you're reading, thanks for letting me take your photo!)


I wasn't gonna leave you hanging! Here's a pic of the beautiful and wonderful Solange rockin' out on stage!! She had an amazing show!

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