Thursday, June 13, 2013

Straight Hair, Don't Care

Last month, I got my hair straightened for the very first time since February 2012. I had some pretty severe heat damage all over, but especially toward the front of my hair as a result of wearing straight-style half wigs and straightening the front of my hair to match.

Le wig.

I would usually wear my hair in flat twists underneath the wig and straighten just the front of my hair. I thought I was doing my hair a favor... until it was two completely different textures! The trauma of heat damaged hair resulted in me leaving the flat iron alone for over a year.

Since then, I have really committed to taking care of my hair and, as a result, the curl pattern of my hair has been restored. Over the past year, I've gone to a hair salon that specializes in natural hair styles a few times and actually got a trim from them back in November 2012. When I went to the natural hair salon for my trim, my hair wasn't fully blowdried and I felt like I lost some length as a result.

I've been needing a trim for a few months now and decided to go back to a stylist who has straightened and trimmed my hair before. She gently blowdries my hair straight and trims only what is necessary.  A couple weeks ago, I got a trim and got my hair straightened for the first time in forever. Well, here are the results!

My blown out curls. This was pre-trim!

The result!

Overall, I was very satisfied with the results. My hair was bouncy, shiny, healthy, and it GREW! It's hard to tell how much length I've retained when my hair is in it's naturally curly state, so I was pleasantly surprised to see the fruits of my labor--yes, labor; I put in work. I'm not gonna lie though--I did miss my curly/kinky/coily hair. To maintain the style, I learned how do pin curls (via YouTube).

Second attempt at pin curls. You don't want to see the first attempt.

Pin curls mastered! Thank you, YouTube.

My straight hair lasted almost 2 weeks until I got caught in the rain. I still pin curled my hair, but the result was more of a voluminous look than before. My friend said I looked like Marilyn Monroe, so I consider that a success. I might consider more straight styles for when it's less hot, humid, and/or rainy. I might even try pin curls on my stretched, natural hair in the future...

Do you prefer trims on blown out hair too? Do you straighten regularly? And when you do, do you also miss your curls?

Til next time, PompStars...

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