Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dresses, Dresses Everywhere and Not a Penny Spent

I haven't had a post, let alone an outfit post, in awhile so I'll do one this weekend! But in the meantime, I was just looking at my 'Saved Items' online and I realized that I want to buy ALL THE THINGS (i.e. dresses). Here's all the stuff I want:

I'm noticing a trend of blues, greens, and greys, which is interesting to me mostly because those colors usually bore me. Also, my love of midi-length (mid-calf length) has not subsided. In an effort to be more money-conscious, I'm only buying stuff that's reasonably priced or on sale, so a lot of these items are out. [Insert sad face].

What stuff are you forcing yourself not to buy lately? Are you attracted to a specific color scheme as the weather gets colder?

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