Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Three-Strand Twist-Out

I've been looking to do something new with my hair than my usual twist-out or braid-out. While this doesn't completely deviate from my norm, this three-strand twist-out turned out really nicely and is a good switch from the usual. I essentially followed this video, and did the same moisturizing steps that I normally do to get the perfect twist out. This video explains how to do these twists very succinctly and clearly. The trick is learning how to hold the hair in your fingers so you don't get confused about which strand is supposed to go over next.

I started on dry, stretched hair. I spritzed my hair with just water this time and sealed with a combination of moisturizing hair butters. I did a few more twists than usual: 5 across the front, then three rows of twists for the rest of my hair; the bottom row had 2 twists, the next row had 4, then the top had just 1.

All done!
The next morning, I very carefully untwisted each twist, being sure to separate the three pieces of hair without frizzing my hair. My  hair texture is around 4a/b and this is a close-up of how it looked when I unwound the twists. It looked like spiral curls almost, but fluffier. Looser textures might get a more coiled look. Based on my one experience doing this style, I think if I did them smaller on my 4a/b hair, it would get that coiled look that's in the video.

Freshly untwisted
I undid all of the three-strand twists, then carefully separated each piece of hair to make my hair look fuller.  One thing to note is that you will have shrinkage with this style because the hair gets curlier than it does with a normal twist-out or a braid-out. I'm pretty happy with the turnout of this look and will definitely add it to my rotation of loose styles.

All fluffed out
What do you think of this look? Will you be trying it?

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