Tuesday, November 25, 2014

How to Keep Hair Moisturized During Dry Winter Months

The dry air in the winter always does a number on my hair. To combat dry hair, I follow these easy tips to make sure my hair stays moisturized and healthy all winter long!

It starts from the inside: stay hydrated. Hopefully, if you are natural, you are also spraying your hair with water at least once a day, and sealing with an oil or butter as needed. But also remember to drink those 8 glasses of water a day. You'll notice other benefits too, like clearer skin and better digestion.

Oils vs. Creams vs. Butters
In the winter, my hair thrives when I use a thick, heavy butter like castor oil or olive oil to seal in moisture. In the Autumn months, using hair butters like shea or avocado work well for me. In the Spring and Summer, all my hair typically needs is a hair cream. Make note of how your hair feels throughout the year and what products do and don't work. It's a tedious learning process, but very worth it. Now that I know how my hair will respond, I opt for what I know works instead of wasting product on my hair that won't leave it feeling as soft and moisturized.

Protective Styles
The absolute best way to keep your hair moisturized in the winter is to wear protective hair styles. These include twists, braids, or up-dos either with your own hair or with the addition of extensions. Winter is great, fashion-wise: you get to bust out your cute wool coats and chunky knit scarves. But when hair rubs against that type of material, it tends to break. Wearing protective styles does wonders to prevent this breakage from occurring. Just be sure to continue moisturizing with water and sealing with oil just the same.

How will you keep your hair moisturized this winter?

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