Monday, January 28, 2013

Spring 2013: My Favorite Trends

Hello beauties,

What trends are you looking forward to this Spring? Here are my top 3 trends so far!

3. Stripes and Monochrome. Yes, I know these are two different trends, but they have the same idea: clean lines. I find that vertical lines elongate the body, which is always a good thing, no matter what body-type you have.  Check out my faves below:

Clockwise, starting from top left: dress from eShakti, skirt from ASOS, trousers from ASOS, shirt from Forever 21 (not available in plus)shirt from ASOS (sold out in Curve line), dress from ASOS curve (sold out).
2. Galaxy Print. I really really didn't want to give into this trend. For one, it seems to be a trend that won't last very long. Like forreal, how cool will it be to rock your galaxy print leggings in Spring 2014? Answer: not at all. There are a few, understated pieces that have potential to last though. I even got that bikini top and plan to get the column dress! Here are my favorites:

Top left: shirt from Forever 21+; bottom left: bikini from ASOS; right: dress from ASOS.

1. Shift Dresses. Hellooooo 1960's. I personally LOVE '50s and '60s fashion and I'm so glad to see so many shift dresses popping up. Here are a few on my wish list:

Left to right: dress from Very; patterned dress from Dorothy Perkins; and red shift dress from Forever 21+. 

That's my list! What's on yours?

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