Monday, March 4, 2013

Product Review: Dr. Ivy's Skin Care

Hi beauties,

I was lucky to receive three free samples of Dr. Ivy's Skin Care all natural body butters! I know what you're thinking: "Isn't this a hair and fashion blog?" You're right, it is! But I'm a huge proponent of natural products for your hair and body. And thus, here goes my review:

Over the past few days, I tried each body cream and rated it based on three criteria:
  1. Smell;
  2. Spread (how much/little I had to use to feel moisturized); and
  3. Overall moisture (how moisturized I was at the end of the day).

Smell: I wish it smelled fruitier; I want to be transplanted to a tropical island when I open this!
Spread: Absolutely lovely! A little goes a long way and a small jar will definitely last awhile.
Moisture: GIRRRL! My skin was still very soft at the end of the day.

Smell: There's a very subtle milk scent that wouldn't interfere if you are layering scents. I can't wait til there's a "honey" scent for sale!
Spread: This one wasn't as thick as the Tropical Delight and therefore, I had to use a little more.
Moisture: Medium. I tend to have dry skin in the winter and I can see needing to reapply during the day. This one is probably best suited for Spring and Summer months when my skin isn't as dry.


Smell: This was unscented, though I really liked the barely-there smell of oats! It smells like Sunday morning. I love it!
Spread: Medium-High. It's somewhere between Milk & Honey and Tropical Delight.
Moisture: My skin was soft at the end of the day, which was great.

Overall, my favorite was Dr. Ivy's Tropical Delight. I typically use Nivea Body Lotion for Dry, Rough, Skin, and Dr. Ivy's was on par with that. Buy Dr. Ivy's products here & tell me what you think!  

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