Saturday, March 9, 2013

Suit & Tie

ATTENTION PLEASE! The female suit is BACK, but with a twist! Ladies, it's all about the statement suit! Don't believe me? Ask Solange.

Fly as she wants to be!

I absolutely love Solange's style; she is definitely a fashion inspiration for me! So when I saw this suit on ASOS Curve's website, I nearly broke my promise to myself to not buy anything online during Lent.

ASOS Curve printed jacket and pant.

If you work in a pretty casual office, you'd probably be able to get away with any of the above suits without getting the stank eye from managers. But still, those suits are more fun than professional. Now that I'm in my mid-20s, clothes that can double for work and play are an added bonus. So in keeping professionalism in mind, I decided to wear this to work earlier this week:

Glasses: Zenni Optical; Necklace: JCP - similar here; Plain white tee: ASOS Curve

Just the right level of "fun" for the office.

Pants: ASOS

Blazer: F21+ - similar here

The simple colors and lines make it professional, and the monochrome stripe on the pants make it fun. I got tons of compliments that day, so the outfit will definitely be a repeat offender!

What are your thoughts on statement suits? Do you think they can be professional, or are they inherently casual?


  1. omg - someone JUST told me to buy a sport coat!! I thought it's because they knew about me being gay or whatever but like now i know they just think i don't know how to dress :)

    Thanks for clearing that up!!

    1. Lol Afshan. Thanks for commenting! You should buy a blazer though... It's such an easy way to dress up an outfit without really trying that hard :)