Thursday, April 4, 2013

Quick Update: Recent Purchases

After a long, long, LONG (did I say long?) 40 days, I was finally able to shop online again on April 1st. I took a break for Lent, but I'm back, baby! Take a look at my recent purchases!

Left to right: tribal print dress - F21+; spot print dungarees: ASOS; bird and floral print dress: F21+; red skater dress: ASOS; rose print tee: ASOS Maternity.

Tribal Dress
I actually bought the tribal print dress in the store (GASP!). After a long day, I needed some retail therapy and of all the things I saw, this one caught my eye. I'm trying really hard to buy clothes that will double for work and play, and this one can easily be made professional with the addition of a cardigan.

I have been looking for a cute pair of dungarees for months! I didn't want denim ones because they remind me too much of old school '90s overalls. But the spot print on these were just too cute to pass up! These are obviously for play and not work, but whatever. I will be looking CUTE on the weekends!

Bird and Floral Dress
I usually don't like this type of floral, but I love that this dress has birds on it. Also, it looks like Spring will finally show its face here on the east coast, and this dress makes me think of sunshine and daquiris. I know the animals-as-prints trend is dying, but I love how the birds are combined with the flowers all over the dress.

Red Dress
Notice a theme? I kind of pants-aversive. Dresses are a great way to look put-together without really trying. I love the bright red color of this dress, which will look great during any season, and the "skater"-style hem will be really flattering.

Rose T-Shirt
Now this is the kind of floral I like. It's such a modern take on your grandma's floral drapes. (Hey, inspiration can come from anywhere!) Anyway, yes, this tee is maternity and no, I am not ashamed! This will be the first maternity item I've ever bought, but I figured a little extra room in the stomach area can't exactly hurt when you're a curvy girl. I'll be sure to update to let you all know how it fits!

What have you bought lately?

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