Saturday, September 14, 2013

Edge Control

Last year, I was really excited when I got my yarn twists. You couldn't tell me NOTHING. They look so lovely plus I am always for a hairstyle that forces me to keep my hands out of my hair.

Stylin' on em

But when I took out my twists, a tragic, tragic thing happened: my edges went with them. Yes, girl. I started taking the twists down at my hairline, and as I carefully unraveled each twist, INCHES of my hair broke off. Fortunately, only my edges suffered, but it was still traumatizing. I haven't gone to have my hair professionally twisted or braided with extensions since.

Now as much as I am obsessed with hair care, I think trauma (and maybe a little denial?) prevented me from really researching how to grow my edges back. They have grown back some, just due to my regular routine, and I think I camouflage them pretty well, especially since I wear a lot of twistouts. However I needed to do something more.

But I can't always wear twistouts... :(

So this week, I have began my very own Pimento Hair Growth Oil Challenge! I will put a little pimento oil on my edges and massage the oil into my scalp each night in an attempt to stimulate growth. The bottle actually encourages doing hot oil treatments. I wish I actually read that before I washed my hair earlier today, but there's always next week! I'll take a picture of my edges at the end of every week and update you after 4-6 weeks.

And now, the moment of truth. I can't believe I'm putting myself out there by posting this on the internet, but this is what my edges look like now, as of the end of week one:

Are your edges also not what's up? Join me in my challenge! We can do this!

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