Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall Must-Haves

Fall is officially here and I am so excited to bring out my fall wardrobe! This season is all about the "glam tough girl" in over-sized cardigans and jackets, leather/leather-look, and tartan/check prints. I am seeing more black and white than in previous seasons, but jackets and shoes are always a fun way to incorporate some color. Incorporate any of these looks into your wardrobe to stay on-trend this season!

Boyfriend Cardigan
Thick, cable-knit, chunky cardigans fall into the category of functional fashion. This warm number can be added to a dress shirt and slim fitting dress pants, or jeans and a tee.

Over-sized Jacket
I'm kind of obsessed with the over-sized jacket trend, and sadly have not found one in my size. I think if I get one in a US size 14, it won't give the dramatic over-sized look I would be going for. I love this look because of its nod to menswear, which plays up the "glam tough girl" look this season.

Up until recently, this look was from the distant past of the 90s, but check and tartan are an upgrade from plaid. These patterns, paired with more sophisticated tailoring make for some adorable, yet appropriate, workwear.

Playful Hipster Animal Tee
I know what you're thinking. "Is she forreal?" The answer is yes! I'm not even sure if this is a trend, but I've seen these hilarious hipster animal tees on two separate websites. I saw the cat shirt (F21+) and bought it immediately because it made me crack up. These tees are a fun addition to a weekend wardrobe for the lighthearted among us. Plus, who doesn't like animals adorned with hats and hipster glasses? Name me one person. Just one. See, you can't!

 Suede Flats
I'm wearing these babies on my feet RIGHT now. They are lovely fall shoes and will literally go with anything. Don't believe me? Match these shoes with any clothing featured in this post. For suede shoes, stick with fall colors: pea green, mustard, burnt orange, and oxblood.

Leather Look
Once again, leather is back in season. Last year, we saw leather pants, shorts, and lots of leather and leather-look jackets. This season is all about leather skirts and dresses. This trend truly embodies the "glam tough girl" theme of fall clothing this season, but it is on the trendier side, so I wouldn't put too much money into following this one. Forever21 has some on-trend leather-look pieces for cheap.

Aztec is back in style again this season. I love the texture that is created from the patterns in these skirts. Paired with a solid-colored top, these are a fun addition to a fall wardrobe.

In my not-so-humble opinion, mod is never out of style. Like, never ever. These body hugging dresses look great any time of year, but also look excellent paired with a loose fitting jacket or cardigan, bowler hat, and a bright red lip.

What fall fashions are your favorite this year?

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  1. wearing my fall shoes in honor of this post! maroon suede oxfords from target. not as cute as yours, but i'm digging them!