Saturday, December 28, 2013

Ladies Who Lunch

Last week, one of my dear friends, Feza, had a tea party for her birthday. I had so much fun! It was such a cool idea and I loved catching up with old friends, including one of my besties and favorite bloggers, Jenny of Au Bon Prix.

I wasn't quite sure what dress to wear to a tea party, so I decided to wear my new babydoll dress. The dress is very cutesy because of its length and shape (I wish I had more full body pics; sorry), but also sophisticated because of the beautiful pattern. It was a pretty rainy day, so I opted to pair the dress with my silver Doc Martens and knee high socks. Enjoy the pics!

Me and my sistagurlfriends at tea.

Me, Kesha of Styled By Kesha, and Jenny of Au Bon Prix.

I am in love with this dress!

We got caught taking a selfie :)

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  1. Haha Love the post and shout out!! you're the best!! soo good seeing you boo!