Monday, March 31, 2014

Maintaining a Healthy Scalp

Though it's technically Spring, it has been a long, cold, and dry Winter! It's actually snowing as I write this. During these cold months, my hair gets really dry, but my scalp tends to get even dryer, sometimes becoming flaky and irritated. As you may know, the scalp actually releases its own natural oils and it's really not necessary to apply globs of mysteriously blue-colored grease to your scalp. Remember those days? But in the winter, sometimes my scalp needs a little help to remain healthy and moisturized. I trust and swear by Tropic Isle Red Pimento Hair Growth Oil. Pimento oil is an essential oil from Jamaica. This product contains Jamaican red pimento oil, Jamaican black castor oil, coconut oil, and wheat germ.

After I wash my hair, I divide my hair into four sections. While my hair is still wet, I apply the oil directly to my scalp, section by section.

Those dark yellow spots are the oil.

I further divide each quartered section, ensuring that oil is applied to my whole scalp. I also massage each section of my scalp afterward to ensure full coverage.

I further divide the sections and apply oil directly to the scalp.

Afterwards, I apply my deep conditioner as usual, making sure that my hair is conditioned from root to tip. Finger comb as you work the conditioner in, and twist each section once done to avoid knots and tangles. I've been using B.A.S.K. Beauty's Cacao Bark Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment, but just use your usual deep conditioner.

My hair with conditioner, before I twist it.

After applying conditioner to each section, put on a plastic cap and hair therapy wrap and just watch Netflix wait an hour before rinsing. The hair therapy wrap heats the oil (and conditioner), helping it penetrate your scalp and hair. After an hour has passed, rinse the conditioner out thoroughly with cool water. Even though you rinse your hair after applying the red pimento oil, your scalp still remains moisturized and you're not left with a greasy, overly oily scalp. Hopefully the weather actually warms soon and I'll only have to do this every once in awhile, as opposed to after each wash as I have been for the past several months. Lately, I've been deep conditioning my hair weekly, and this extra step only really adds an extra 10 minutes or so to my routine, so it's definitely worth a try if you also suffer from dry scalp.

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