Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I've been hesitant to hop on the crop top bandwagon for a few reasons. I'm usually not one for prescriptive clothing for one's 'body type' and do, in fact, agree that if it comes in my size, I have every right to wear it, thankyouverymuch. One of my hesitations about crop tops is that at a size 14/16/18 (depends on the brand), I have a belly that I don't necessarily want to draw attention to.

Don't get me wrong; I am all about the fat acceptance movement and even have a body positive tumblr (warning: some NSFW content). This blog and the tumblr community have done wonders to boost my confidence and has allowed me to truly recognize beauty at any size. So, in line with my growing confidence, I thought to myself, 'Yes, I have a belly, but this crop top  has been sitting in my closet, with the tags still on, for nearly a year....' and decided to finally wear it.

Crop tops read pretty 90s to me, especially mine with 'WORD' written all over it. I fully embraced that 90s theme by pairing the top with an open denim shirt and printed pants. I rounded out the outfit with hoop earrings, a wooden statement necklace, and some grey Olsenboye ankle boots I got from JCP a few years ago.

Outfit details: 
'WORD' crop top: ASOS // Denim shirt: F21+ (sold out; similar here)// Printed pants: F21+ (sold out; similar here) // Boots: Olsenboye

I was pretty happy with the resulting outfit. I felt very playful and wore two little afro-puffs in my hair to complete the ensemble.  

Would you wear a crop top?

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